Facilities and Attractions

The dominant central feature of Princes Park is the 'Crumbles Pond' or Lake.  The perimeter path is on two levels with ramps between allowing easy access right to the water's edge.

Numerous waterfowl live in the park all year but Spring and Autumn also see migratory species passing through.  A large number of swans live on or in the vacinity of the lake and it is used as a release area for some that have had to have veterinary care.

The Swans and Ducks are partial to cornflakes so if you have any going spare.........

There is a large playing field that forms the north-east section of the Park.  This is open for casual recreation and there is a Council Pavilion available, by arrangement, for organised groups.   During the summer the field is home to traveling fairs and circuses, the dates of which vary from year to year. 

The Royal Sovereign Bowls Club operates seven days a week during the months of May to September.  The greens are open to the public except on tournament days and equipment can be hired by visitors from the Clubhouse.  Only flat soled shoes are permitted on the greens.

The club pavillion also houses the kiosk from which the Putting Greens are run.

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There are two children's playgrounds in Princes Park,  they are located at each end of the lake by the inlet and outlet channels.

The southerly playground, nearest the seafront, has a splash pad that is operational during the summer months - the water is filtered and treated to maintain hygiene standards.

Both playgrounds were refurbished during 2009, with help from the Friends of Princes Park, and include new play equipment and seating areas.

Eastbourne and District Model Yacht Club have sailed on the lake since 1928 and shares the water with Eastbourne Model Powerboat Club.

Regular competitions, both local and national, are held throughout the year.  Casual use of the lake can be restricted when club practice or racing is on so contact with them is recommended.

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The Oval, south-west of the main Park, is home to Eastbourne United Football Club.  The Club runs successful senior and junior teams.   Pavilion and social facilities are located within the ground.  Please see the Contacts Page for further information.

Just south of the Oval, in an adjacent corner of the main Park, is the Aromatic Herb Garden created during 2006 with support from the Friends of Princes Park.  Most of the plants were chosen for there attractive scents and are normally at their most colourful between May and October.

Nearer to the seafront, by the old Donkey Field, there is a Rose Garden that has been planted with scented varieties.

Public toilets are located opposite the Bowls Club and include a disabled access unit that can be opened with a radar key.

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