Name: Date Signed: 10/11/2018 08:18:09

Name: Jhonny SarmientoDate Signed: 18/03/2018 05:18:57
Comment: I had the great chance to be in the park twice last year. It was a nice experience. I liked the park very much. I was accompanying my students from Colombo-Británico School, who were there for a nine-week English immersion program. We had a great time in Eastbourne, and visiting the park was great, as I said. I hope to be there again with my wife in the future. Thanks a lot, friends of Princes Park, thanks a lot, Eastbourne. I love England.

Name: Date Signed: 06/09/2017 19:45:33

Name: VictoriaDate Signed: 06/07/2016 19:47:41
Comment: I lost my keys today in the park - there are just 2 keys; a car and door, and several fobs for tesco, pets at home, salon services etc etc. Ive looked and looked for them, but cant find so hoping someone has picked them up, if so can you call me please on 07955705061.

Name: RachelDate Signed: 19/06/2014 17:28:34
Comment: I lost some car and house keys somewhere around Princess Park and the Sovereign Centre/beach on Thursday June 19th on a dog walk. Someone is sure to have picked them up, the park was packed with people on such a sunny day. Please help if possible? Tel: 07849 69 49 19 Thank you so much =D

Name: Margaret ParkerDate Signed: 31/03/2014 17:02:25
Comment: Really thrilled to see the new surfaces for the paths being done! It is going to be fantastic to have them done for the new season. Well done Friends of Princes Park and EBC xxx

Name: CherylDate Signed: 05/09/2013 21:00:37
Comment: Brilliantly organised fun day this year....well deserved success....loved it....

Name: LesleyDate Signed: 20/02/2013 11:29:20
Comment: Our Fun Day this year is being held on Saturday, 17th August - a fun day out for the whole family.

Name: AndretiDate Signed: 18/02/2013 23:38:31
Comment: When is your 2013 Fun day this year. The last couple were terrific fun and very family friendly.

Name: MIKE POOLEDate Signed: 31/12/2012 19:06:41
Comment: includes many early eastbourne tramway pictures from about 1954 to 1960 regards Mike poole Come and visit next year, we are have Eastbourne days when only Eastbourne trams run.

Name: John HendersonDate Signed: 11/09/2012 16:01:53
Comment: Many thanks for the positive comments regarding the splash pool and more recently the opening of 'Pistachios in the Park' The new leaseholder and his staff are very keen to make a success of the cafe, it certainly is well worth a visit. Details concerning membership of the Friends of Princes Park will be on display there very shortly. John, F.O.P.P.Committee Member.

Name: pauline ringDate Signed: 07/09/2012 18:59:16
Comment: really like the cafe now its opened the girls that work there deserve it to be a success needs some friends info in there

Name: Raymond CollarDate Signed: 18/08/2012 20:08:28
Comment: John and Jackie Thank you for a wonderful fun day. Weather was great not as many people this year but was still very enjoyable,looking forward to next year.

Name: AndretiDate Signed: 17/08/2012 00:48:20
Comment: Splashtastic play area, Olympic screens with crowds of 8,0000 on the closing ceremony and a beautiful seafront park. Its up & coming due to the great friends of Princes Park. A lot of local residents owe you a big THANK YOU

Name: pauline ring Date Signed: 29/07/2012 18:23:52
Comment: thankyou for the new splashpool being a good weather day i took my 5 year old son jack he enjoyed it alot.

Name: Mr HuntDate Signed: 16/05/2012 15:50:11
Comment: Why change things that work well..The park is kept beautifully..though a shame the good old comfotable benches have been removed for ones that look good but are like Mcdonalds you notice you very rarely see people sitting on them The Green Park flag.......why not have a British Flag and has anyone evr seen anyone use the bycicle they use the fence obviously...please dont waste money Mr Hunt BA LBIPP LMPA HND

Name: Mr HuntDate Signed: 16/05/2012 15:46:36
Comment: Does the fooball ground come with in the boundry of the park..becouse the fencing is reminiscent of a Gulag prison..while walking the dog..i first saw it an thought it was a possible over flow refugee camp..It is hidious and a blott on the looks tacky and very amaturish....I see the paddling pool is going well sad to get rid of something so popular ..The Builders tell me we are to have a spalsh area..this will involve pumps etc..No doubt this will break quite quickly

Name: NigelDate Signed: 08/01/2012 08:46:23
Comment: How proud we are as a family and members of FOPPE to see the development of Princes Park over the years. Well done to all the current and past committee members.

Name: Lesley WestonDate Signed: 31/08/2011 07:42:21
Comment: Thank you very much for your lovely post Steve. It was hard work but well worth the effort.

Name: Councillor Steve WallisDate Signed: 30/08/2011 12:26:38
Comment: Just a quick note to say many thanks to the 'Friends of Princes Park' for organising yet another fantastic fun day, which was held on the 20th August 2011. I know how long and hard the committee work to ensure this day is a success, and going by all those members of the public who attened, their efforts were well rewarded. The sun even shone for the bulk of the day. Keep up the good work FOPP!

Name: Lesley Date Signed: 03/04/2011 13:03:05
Comment: Hi Colin, thank you for your comments, I am pleased you enjoyed reading about them.

Name: ColinDate Signed: 02/04/2011 18:43:14
Comment: Hi, I was brought up and spent the first 18 yrs of my life in Eastbourne only a short walk from the Park. I do remember being taken for a ride on the trams and often seeing them. Shame Eastbourne council was so short siighted in not retaining them there, I think that would make a great attraction, as Seaton has found out. Rather than the naff trains that run along the seafront now. Nevertherless, I appreciate reading all about them on your website.

Name: MIKE POOLEDate Signed: 23/08/2010 13:25:29
Comment: Love the tram pictures. I now drive them in Seaton in Devon, infact they have been at Seaton 40 yrs against 15 at Eastbourne. its a shame in a way that they could not run there still as well. We now have 13 trams in the flett and iam sure any Eastbourne people who want to see them again at Seaton will be most welcome.

Name: LesleyDate Signed: 27/07/2010 23:58:31
Comment: Tim - have a look at the images page, there are trams..! There is also one on the History page now.

Name: LesleyDate Signed: 27/07/2010 23:55:55
Comment: Thanks for the comments on the site - very kind of you. See you at the Fun Day on the 21st August..!

Name: Loni WebbDate Signed: 25/07/2010 15:49:13
Comment: As a member of FOPPE, I've only just looked at the website. It's really good - well laid out - easy to see facts & information. I wanted to find out the date of this year's Fun Day as I had promised Jacky that I would film it again for Eastbourne Live Broadband TV. See you Sat. 21st August!

Name: Tim ChurchDate Signed: 12/06/2010 10:54:02
Comment: It would be great to see some photos on your history page, particularly of the tram stop in the Park. As a kid I used to love a ride on the tram after a game of pitch & put :-)

Name: janie sandysDate Signed: 06/05/2010 10:28:04
Comment: Every day i walk through the park and having lived in Eastbourne all my life have enjoyed coming here on and off throughout the years. I am a single mother of two children aged thirteen and nine.Having visited the park as a small child on many occasions and then used frequently with my own children this place holds many good memories.I love to tell my children about the various things that have been held at the park,most of which have been faultless!!! However whats with the beautiful cafeteria???

Name: Rod PassmoreDate Signed: 16/11/2008 18:59:12
Comment: Nice site,i am going to do all i can to keep the park user friendly

Name: sam sweiryDate Signed: 25/08/2008 15:18:32
Comment: I would like to help friends of Princess Park and start a compain to have Princess Park Cafeteria Concession returned back to the local people from Convex Leisure Ltd. I can help. so please get in touch.

Name: adeleDate Signed: 23/06/2008 11:35:38
Comment: Really enjoyed the story telling for the love you park week. i was told about membership but can't find anything on how to get that, please help! and also is there any chance or getting some swings for older kids in the park at st andrews school end? who would i need to speak to about that?

Name: ERIC DOMAGEDate Signed: 07/05/2008 21:02:33
Comment: I came back in Princes Park 35 years later !! On 1973, I was 14 years old and I came to Eastbourne to learn English. Each afternoon, I was on the lake in a motor boat : it was the paradise ! But so many time later, I could not recognize anything !! Princes park is one of the best memory of my childhood...

Name: Councillor Ian LucasDate Signed: 06/03/2007 08:08:41
Comment: What a fantastic website! The Friends of Princes Park are an asset to Eastbourne - thanks for all you're doing - and keep up the good work!

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